Friday, April 22, 2011

My Husband Never Compliments Me - Is It a Symptom of Something More?

"My husband never compliments me" is a common issue that drives wives crazy. You start feeling insecure and start wondering if he truly loves you. But there are powers at work that could have nothing to do with you...or everything to do with you. How do you tell the difference?

Truth #1 - Sometimes Men Just Forget

Here's the simplest explanation for this problem: men just forget about stuff like this. Maybe he's focused on his job, finances, kids, sports, sex, cars, etc....basically everything except complimenting his wife.

He got you to marry him and now the hard work is done, right? It's probably not intentional and he's just not focused on making you feel good about yourself.

Truth #2 - Is He Showing You Love and Affection In Other Ways?

I'm a firm believer that actions mean more than words alone. Does he tell you he loves you? If his actions tell you he loves you and is attracted to you, you may not need the words.

I know that you want the words, but do you really need them if you're secure in your relationship with your husband?

Truth #3 - Do You Feel He's Lost Interest in You?

Our thoughts can lead us down some very negative paths. If we have concluded that the lack of compliments really means that he's not attracted to us anymore, that can be devastating. But is it really the truth?

How is your sex life? How does he treat you? If he does not give you compliments because he's lost interest and your marriage is truly in trouble, there are steps you can take now to save your marriage.

But if he's never been very complimentary or has gotten out of the habit, then there are steps you can take to spice things up in your relationship.

Truth #4 - How You Treat Him Has a Direct Affect on How He Treats You

It's easy to be the victim in this situation. Your feelings are hurt and you're not feeling very secure in your relationship. But take an honest look at how you treat him. You may be sending off negative energy just because you're upset over this issue or some other problem in your marriage. And he may not even know why you're angry!

You may be the one that is driving him away, when all you really need to do is treat him a bit nicer. The Golden Rule sounds so simple, but it does work. Treat him the way you want to be treated and you will find that your relationship will start to relax and you'll be happier for it.

Is This a Symptom of a Bigger Issue?

Have you been complaining to your girlfriends "My husband never compliments me"? If this is the biggest problem in your relationship, then count your blessings. If this is a symptom of a much bigger problem, there are steps you can take today to improve your marriage. And don't wait, take action today. Don't let this issue come between your marriage and don't build up a layer of resentment about it either. Do something to make things better now, before it turns into a serious issue.

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